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Monday, August 2

I live by the Tequilera

Hey there Family!

¡¿Is it really time for school to start already?! That was crazy fast.

That sounds like a crazy storm you had! At least they never seem to last for very long in St. George. The rainy season is actually going on right now, or maybe it just got over because it hasn´t really rained at all this past week... Ha ha, no, I don´t have a rain coat, but we´re hardly ever out in the rain while it´s raining... except once... Ha ha! Ok, we were at an investigator´s house (last apt. of the day) and it started to rain. So we thought we´d just wait a little while until it let up. Well it was almost the time that we needed to be home so we just said, "we don´t live that far away" (and we don´t) "we´ll just run fast" So we did, and we were drenched in about ten seconds. We ran down the sidewalks and swam through the streets and got home in about two minutes completely soaked. The End! ¡El Fin! 

Kevin, I am so jealous!! Not really... because I´d rather be here. But still! I want to go there [New York City] someday... you lucky ducky... 

So Marissa´s a chef now, and Michele´s going to be a concert pianist? Sounds good to me!! 

I think the weirdest thing that I´ve eaten was this soup with corn and other stuff with cow stomach in it, but it wasn´t bad at all, just different. The members here feed us everyday for lunch, and we cook for ourselves the other meal(s)... I eat cereal, pancakes, quesadillas (TCT´s for the little ones)... (my companion thinks that´s a weird name). I bought some bread and cheese today... just little stuff like that because the main meal of the day here is lunch instead of dinner. 

Oh, thank´s for Elder Ray´s address! I think I´ll write him today!

I´m not exactly sure what my address is, but if you "google maps" the "Parian" (famous tourist place) in Tlaquepaque I live close to there. Or maybe if you google the tequila factory that I live right next to...

We have two more baptismal dates for the 15th of this month, and they both look pretty solid right now. We have a goal of five this month.

Well, I think that´s all for this week! Les hablaré en la próxima semana!! 

Con amor, 
Élder Gibson

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