Mexico Guadalajara East Mission

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Wednesday, April 28

Querido Familia,
Oh... I guess I wasn´t very clear... my whole district is still here. Except Élder Ames is leaving tomorrow morning at 3. He was delayed in coming to the MTC because of a tongue surgery, and so he had his visa papers in before us, so he´s a higher priority I guess. (horrible run on sentence...) Other districts going to México are being delayed as well. 
Apparently it´s kind of hard to get in there right now. We´re guessing that we´ll be going to the Méxicano Consulada in the near future(tomorrow or Friday... or Saturday) but we don´t know for sure, it could be next week... but hopefully not. We´re still in classes, our teacher graduated this last week but got permission to stay and teach us longer. She´s great!
¡My niece! ¿My niece is picking on little girls who are bigger than she is? Ok, that´s pretty much the funniest thing I´ve heard in a little while. :D 
Oh, and I'm sending a picture of the other Élder Gibson and you can compare him to Brian. It´s really, really close! He´s going to the Las Vegas mission. (He´s from back east somewhere, 24, the only member in his family, happy to see another Gibson member, has an awesome story!)
That´s great that home life is doing good! Scott should apply at the MTC, you have to be going to BYU to work here I´m pretty sure. Or at least to be a teacher... 
Well, love you all!! Hopefully my next letter will come from México!!
Elder Gibson

Wednesday, April 21

Mi familia, 
hmmm . . . . I feel like I'm not talking much... 
hmmm...I heard about the volcano this morning in laundry. There was a sister from Holland and she was talking about it. She said the British Navy is sailing stranded missionaries or something because there aren't any flights. That would be fun... maybe. 
Oh, and I'm not speaking English for the rest of my time at the MTC. I´m the only one in my district so it's pretty hard sometimes because I can't express what I want to say, but that's probably what it will be like when I get to México. It also makes me be creative because I have to say things in a round about way.I should know tomorrow about my visa, and you´ll know soon too, either way. 
Con amor, 
Élder Gibson

Wednesday, April 14

Querido familia, 
Time here has gone so incredibly fast!! ¡Another week and a half and I'll be on my way to México! (hopefully) I think we´re supposed to get our flight plans today... We got another new district today, but I haven´t met any of them yet. It´s a big district, 10 new élderes! ¡Loco! and the rest of the district in front of us is leaving tomorrow. So that´s exciting for them.
I don´t think we know about our visas until it gets close to the day we leave. If we don´t get them, we get to call home and tell you, then we wait until we get them and call again. That´s been the case con muchos élderes aqui. (por México)
That´s awesome about Mr.´s Reimer and Moore, and Scott, and everyone! They´re both awesome teachers!
I always wondered why some got to take that Math test and others didn´t. Good job Marissa!
That´d be muy chiro (cool) if Yellow (the cat) was back. He was the best looking one out of all of them. I liked him. ;)
That´s kind of weird... I was just thinking about The Other Side of Heaven the other day, and the goldfish too... weird.
The hats got there? that´s awesome. It turns out that a bunch of Elders made their own hats that they have here. Most of them were made on a loom though.
Oh, Aunt Kimberly sent me a package of cookies and a letter, and I wrote her back but I threw the address away on accident... so if you could send me her address that would be great!!
Español is so much fun to speak!! and I still have so much more to learn!! but I surprise myself almost everyday.
Glenn L. Pace in the Seventy came and gave an awesome talk yesterday. It was about the Father´s love and the pre and post mortal lives and what it is and was like there. ¡¡It was incredible!!
Con amor,
Élder Gibson

Wednesday, April 7

¡Hola Familia!
This week was pretty great. We are teaching all in Español now days,and it´s suprisingly easier than I imagined... strange how that works.Ok, not really, our teachers have been talking a lot about the giftof tongues, and yeah it works. I know so much more Español in justsix weeks than German in three years. ¡But I still have soooooooooomuch to learn!
Conference was amazing! It went by so fast, and it was so good! Idon´t even have a favorite because they were all so awesome! Though Idid really like Pres. Uchtdorf´s talks... and Pres. Monson´s... andPres Eyring´s... and ... etc. Yeah, it looks like I enjoyed themall... ;) It seemed like all we did was eat and watch conference onSabado y Domingo. Which reminds me, I´m up to 160lbs. now, but you can´t tell at all.
We got another new district a week ago, and half of the district aboveus left this morning. Only half of them because they´ve been havingtrouble getting México visas lately. One of the newest missionaries isfrom Georgia and he has the thickest accent, but he can´t even tell.It´s really funny. There are also two Elders from North Carolina, andone of them is from (sorry Scott) Rah-lee (I don't know how to spellit) and I'm not sure where the other one is from.
We will soon be the oldest district (which I'm pretty sure isn'tallowed because we just got here...) and that will be weird. Time goesby so fast here! It´s crazy! ¡Es loco!
¡Hasta luego!
Élder Gibson