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Wednesday, April 14

Querido familia, 
Time here has gone so incredibly fast!! ¡Another week and a half and I'll be on my way to México! (hopefully) I think we´re supposed to get our flight plans today... We got another new district today, but I haven´t met any of them yet. It´s a big district, 10 new élderes! ¡Loco! and the rest of the district in front of us is leaving tomorrow. So that´s exciting for them.
I don´t think we know about our visas until it gets close to the day we leave. If we don´t get them, we get to call home and tell you, then we wait until we get them and call again. That´s been the case con muchos élderes aqui. (por México)
That´s awesome about Mr.´s Reimer and Moore, and Scott, and everyone! They´re both awesome teachers!
I always wondered why some got to take that Math test and others didn´t. Good job Marissa!
That´d be muy chiro (cool) if Yellow (the cat) was back. He was the best looking one out of all of them. I liked him. ;)
That´s kind of weird... I was just thinking about The Other Side of Heaven the other day, and the goldfish too... weird.
The hats got there? that´s awesome. It turns out that a bunch of Elders made their own hats that they have here. Most of them were made on a loom though.
Oh, Aunt Kimberly sent me a package of cookies and a letter, and I wrote her back but I threw the address away on accident... so if you could send me her address that would be great!!
Español is so much fun to speak!! and I still have so much more to learn!! but I surprise myself almost everyday.
Glenn L. Pace in the Seventy came and gave an awesome talk yesterday. It was about the Father´s love and the pre and post mortal lives and what it is and was like there. ¡¡It was incredible!!
Con amor,
Élder Gibson

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