Mexico Guadalajara East Mission

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Wednesday, March 31

Un otra cemana at the MTC ... I´m not sure if that even made sense ...

Hello Familia!!
Yes I´ve gotten all the packages and everything in them, they are muchappreciated! It´s great to hear about how everyone´s doing. 
 So there´s a Sister Feltwell who is going to Nauvoo who asked me whileI was ushering if I was Eric´s little brother. I guess she graduatedwith them. And there´s this Elder Gibson (not me) who is goingSpanish speaking (so we have the exact same name tag) from Indiana (Ithink) who looks just like Brian... go figure (but really, I´ll tryand get a picture they look really close). 
 A lot of missionaries flew out Monday I think. It´s been somewhatquiet in our hall... but we get a new district today!! That´s alwaysfun! 
 So pretty much all my classes are in Spanish, with only a littleIngles when we really need to understand something. I can understandpretty much all that they say, but saying stuff back is harder. It´sreally fun though I think it´s really coming along quite nicely. 
 Oh and I would like to have all the cousins´ (my age) addresses if atall possible. That would be wonderfull!!! 
 con amor, 
 Élder Gibson

Wednesday, March 24

Querido Familia,
The language is somewhat coming. One of my favorite things to do onSunday temple walks, is to talk to the nativos. I met one hermana whois from Chiuahuah (where Elder Beecher is going), and she heard thegospel in Guadalajara (where I'm going... in case you forgot... jk).Whenever I tell the natives that I'm going to Guadalajara, they getthis look on their faces... in a good way. They all love it there andsay it's so great, so I'm excited! 
We don't have culture classes,that would be fun though... 
 Ah, Kevin... I remember my first caucus meeting... ;)... the weather is so unpredictable here: it was snow flurrying in the sunshine yesterday, wierdest thing ever... 
 Anywho... I love you all! La Iglesia es verdadero!! I´m not sure if there´s an accent on that or not... 
 Élder Gibson 
Oh! and Elder Quinten L. Cook came to the devotional last week!

Wednesday, March 17

Dear Family
...sorry mom the keyboards don't let you capitalize...for some oddreason... it's driving me crazy . 
the brownies got here on saturday but i didn't get them until mondaybecause i was late picking them up and the mail office closed. 
 logging on to the computer was confusing. i guess they're switching over to a new system and i didn't know there was a difference. so that's why my letters were so short. 
 ok so if you put the keyboard on Español, you can capitolize and punctuate correctly... good to know! 
 class is awesome. my teachers are hermana weiss (i always want topronounce it: vice... darn german...) and hermano bryan. they'reawesome and funny and make learning easy and fun. going to the templeis awesome. every sunday we get to go on a temple walk. this week whenwe went there we hung out with the nativos they're really awesome.they know more español than our teachers do. they´re not too excitedabout learning ingles. apparently it´s hard. (jk)  
 I´ve seen a bunch of people here that I know. Elder Mangum lives two doors down (Kevin will know most of these people) Elder Wright, Schwester Ray, Elder Molina (he was part of the fireside), Elder Ovard... and more. 
 I´m sending some pictures soon, so you can see my compañero y mi districto. 
 Elder Gibson

Wednesday, March 10

Dear Family,
So this email's confusing and not user friendly... but I'll get it eventually.The brownies were great. Elder Beecher says they're the perfectin-between of richness and wheat. Four square is pretty competitive during gym, and I'm not allthat terrible either. Who would have though ten years later I'd beplaying this game again? Elder Beecher's home ward is Dad's cousin's ward, and Brother Pettus' ward too. Well, I have to go, I'll try to be faster at logging on next week so I can write more. 
Elder Gibson

Wednesday, March 3

Dear Family, 
 I heard about the earthquake in Chile, Stephen B. Allen came and gavea fireside and he told us that all the missionaries were well andaccounted for.P-days are Wednesdays. We go in the 'sacky' line on P-day and when gymis right after breakfast, because you have to be in a suit to get intothe cafeteria. A jacket would be nice for the cold mornings.I have the the top bunk and my companion has the other one, we werethe last ones to arrive. They're pretty comfortable, I sleep well.The Elders in my district are so awesome! We've learned how to pray in Spanish (we're not allowed to pray in English...), and we're supposed to be able to contact in Spanish on Saturday... we'll see how that goes.Well, my time's nearly up so I'll try and write a longer letter next week. 
 Con amor, 
 Elder Jeff Gibson