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Wednesday, March 31

Un otra cemana at the MTC ... I´m not sure if that even made sense ...

Hello Familia!!
Yes I´ve gotten all the packages and everything in them, they are muchappreciated! It´s great to hear about how everyone´s doing. 
 So there´s a Sister Feltwell who is going to Nauvoo who asked me whileI was ushering if I was Eric´s little brother. I guess she graduatedwith them. And there´s this Elder Gibson (not me) who is goingSpanish speaking (so we have the exact same name tag) from Indiana (Ithink) who looks just like Brian... go figure (but really, I´ll tryand get a picture they look really close). 
 A lot of missionaries flew out Monday I think. It´s been somewhatquiet in our hall... but we get a new district today!! That´s alwaysfun! 
 So pretty much all my classes are in Spanish, with only a littleIngles when we really need to understand something. I can understandpretty much all that they say, but saying stuff back is harder. It´sreally fun though I think it´s really coming along quite nicely. 
 Oh and I would like to have all the cousins´ (my age) addresses if atall possible. That would be wonderfull!!! 
 con amor, 
 Élder Gibson

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