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Wednesday, April 7

¡Hola Familia!
This week was pretty great. We are teaching all in Español now days,and it´s suprisingly easier than I imagined... strange how that works.Ok, not really, our teachers have been talking a lot about the giftof tongues, and yeah it works. I know so much more Español in justsix weeks than German in three years. ¡But I still have soooooooooomuch to learn!
Conference was amazing! It went by so fast, and it was so good! Idon´t even have a favorite because they were all so awesome! Though Idid really like Pres. Uchtdorf´s talks... and Pres. Monson´s... andPres Eyring´s... and ... etc. Yeah, it looks like I enjoyed themall... ;) It seemed like all we did was eat and watch conference onSabado y Domingo. Which reminds me, I´m up to 160lbs. now, but you can´t tell at all.
We got another new district a week ago, and half of the district aboveus left this morning. Only half of them because they´ve been havingtrouble getting México visas lately. One of the newest missionaries isfrom Georgia and he has the thickest accent, but he can´t even tell.It´s really funny. There are also two Elders from North Carolina, andone of them is from (sorry Scott) Rah-lee (I don't know how to spellit) and I'm not sure where the other one is from.
We will soon be the oldest district (which I'm pretty sure isn'tallowed because we just got here...) and that will be weird. Time goesby so fast here! It´s crazy! ¡Es loco!
¡Hasta luego!
Élder Gibson

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