Mexico Guadalajara East Mission

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Wednesday, April 28

Querido Familia,
Oh... I guess I wasn´t very clear... my whole district is still here. Except Élder Ames is leaving tomorrow morning at 3. He was delayed in coming to the MTC because of a tongue surgery, and so he had his visa papers in before us, so he´s a higher priority I guess. (horrible run on sentence...) Other districts going to México are being delayed as well. 
Apparently it´s kind of hard to get in there right now. We´re guessing that we´ll be going to the Méxicano Consulada in the near future(tomorrow or Friday... or Saturday) but we don´t know for sure, it could be next week... but hopefully not. We´re still in classes, our teacher graduated this last week but got permission to stay and teach us longer. She´s great!
¡My niece! ¿My niece is picking on little girls who are bigger than she is? Ok, that´s pretty much the funniest thing I´ve heard in a little while. :D 
Oh, and I'm sending a picture of the other Élder Gibson and you can compare him to Brian. It´s really, really close! He´s going to the Las Vegas mission. (He´s from back east somewhere, 24, the only member in his family, happy to see another Gibson member, has an awesome story!)
That´s great that home life is doing good! Scott should apply at the MTC, you have to be going to BYU to work here I´m pretty sure. Or at least to be a teacher... 
Well, love you all!! Hopefully my next letter will come from México!!
Elder Gibson

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