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Wednesday, May 5

¡Hola mi familia! 
 Yep, two weeks later, I´m still here at the good ol´ MTC. Three of the six in my district have gone on, but alas, I have been chosen to remain... Ok, anyway, one of each compañerismo is in México now, and so the three left are in a trio. (É´Beecher, É´Ripley, and myself) ¡Any day now! 
Hna. Weiss´ last day is today and then we´ll continue to have Hno. Murphy and we´ll get a nuevo maestro, Hno. ??? (I can´t remember his name right now...) I don´t remember if I said this or not but there are people here that remind me so much of people I know and Hna. Weiss is Aleisha. Her voice sounds just like her´s and if I´m not looking at her sometimes I get these crazy déjà vu... things, but it´s like Aleisha´s in the room and then there´s the other Élder Gibson who is Brian. I got a picture with him and I´ll send it soon. They look sooooo much alike! ¡Es Loco!  
The last two musical numbers, en los devocciónales, have been with harps. They´re pretty amazing instruments!  
That´s great that the weekend went well. Trips are always fun! Especially ¨when the family gets together after evening work is done...¨ ... or just anytime.
Oh, y Papá´s carta es en el camino. 
Con amor, 
Élder Gibsón 
(ok Gibson probably doesn´t have an ´ on the o...)

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