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Wednesday, May 12

Hola familia!
So 16 days and still no word about the visas. We've become the wise old missionaries who the 'younger' missionaries look to for wisdom. We figured out that if we´re here next Wednesday, we´ll have spent 1/8 of our mission in the MTC. That´s a lot! We could have just learned Chinese instead! Ha ha! We only have one teacher now and her name is Hermana Da Silva. She's an international student going to UVU. She's from Paraguay, and I like her accent when she speaks Español.
Thats great to hear about all the good things happening at home! Especially with work, the yard and garden, and family life! Our zone fasted for our visas to come too. Hermana Miller got our whole zone together (even the newest elders who don´t really even know us (they´d been here for about three days)) and we knelt and began our fast right in the middle of the hall. It was pretty cool. Since we only have one teacher, we´ve let the other elders to ´sign up´ for tutoring or an appointment or whatever they need help with. It´s helped to keep us busy.
So for devotional a really awesome guy came. His name is Jeffrey R. Holland! When that man speaks, it´s powerful. Especially when he talks about missionaries. It was kind of like the talk he gave about the Book of Mormon last October, only it was about missionaries. It was incredible!
Everyone thinks that we´ll be getting our visas soon. So hopefully it will happen.
Not much more time...
con amor, 
Élder Gibson

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