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Wednesday, May 19

Mi Querido Familia,

The district that got here after us is now in the field and the same half of our district is still in the MTC. All the ´younger´ √©lderes seem to think that being in the MTC would be just the worst thing in the world, but it´s really not that bad at all here. They don´t see that here they can learn how to speak more clearly... I´m not exactly sure how to say it... so in the field, the people will actually be able to understand them.

I have a native elder who writes to me in Spanish and that helps me a bunch.

That´s good that the family´s gettin´ together! That´s always fun!

Not much different happened this week, I don´t remember if I said this last week or not, but we have new teachers. One is from Paraguay and the other is American, but they´re pretty much just our tutors/progressing investigators. So that´s fun.

We decided that we´re like the grandpas in the MTC now... because the other district is gone now and we´re still the oldest ones here, but it´s fun. They all say how much they look up to us and stuff, I can remember how we looked up to the oldest districts when I was younger...

Well that´s all for this week. If I get my visa, you´ll get a call!

Con amor,
√Člder Gibson

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