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Wednesday, May 26

26 de Mayo 2010 

 Querido Familia, 

 Ok, so I was able to read the email, but I ran out of time before I could send one back. So I’m writing my letter this week, and I don’t know how sending this out to the family is going to work . . .I guess you could scan it or type it up if you want to, or something like that. 

 So, in my companionship/district (yes, we are a trio), there are only us three, and there is another district upstairs in the same situation, and I think there are others as well. Our “coordinating teacher” (or our teachers’ boss . . . I don’t know what he’s called) came to us and offered us the opportunity to join a new district of elders, who came in today. They’re going into the advanced Spanish though, so they’re only here for three weeks. We said we’d like to, and we’ll find out tomorrow if we can. “If” only because of all the other elders in our situation. If we do though, we’ll have structured classes again, but we’ll have to change zones and branches too. Which is too bad, because I really like our zone . . . Oh well, esta bien. 

 I haven’t been able to be a host for new missionaries because our P-Day is on Wednesday, and we go to the temple when the new elders are getting here. We could host if we wanted, but we’d have to give up our temple day. 

 Ok, so I’ve decided that Provo has the strangest weather ever! It SNOWED! In May! That’s crazy! It was really wet, heavy snow, and it made all the trees bend a whole lot. Several branches broke, and one tree fell completely over! Then yesterday and today it was bright and sunny and warm. Go figure . . . 

 I’ve been a little sick for the past few days, so today my companions made me go to the nurse (actually, E. Ripley is sick too, so we both went). She told us to stay in our room and rest, which we hadn’t been doing . . . and to not go to the temple, because older people that are there don’t need to get sick. And she gave us some salt to gargle . . . etc. I’m not that sick, but I just haven’t been getting any better. So today has helped. 

 It’s great to hear about what’s going on back home. It looks like ya’ll’re bein’ blessed! In the envelope, there are B-day letters for Esteban y Kevin, and a letter for Marissa. (It’s cheaper to send them all in the same envelope; just two stamps instead of four+.) 

 Kevin, make sure you’re taking Institute classes. You’re probably signed up because you mentioned Brother King last week, but Institute helps to prep for the mission. I would recommend: Book of Mormon, Missionary Prep., and then maybe Doctrine and Covenants or something like that. Also, make sure to read Preach My Gospel, and know what’s in there. Especially Chapter 3 with all the lessons. Make sure you know those.  

 Yeah, that’s all I can really think of. Just make the Gospel part of your daily life, and that can go for everyone, but especially those who are preparing for missions. Oh, and you can take Mission Prep more than once. There was one guy the first time I took it, who was on his fourth time; and you always learn something new. Brother Hyatt is an awesome teacher too! (if you’re going to DSC).  

 Well, that’s all for this week, so I’ll talk to you next week. 
Con Amor, 
Elder Gibson

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