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Wednesday, June 2

Querido Familia, 

 Thanks for the package, mom. My compañeros and I are feeling better, and this week has been awesome. 

 So I´m probably not going to end up in the advanced Spanish class, because I haven´t heard anything about it. However, our Branch President, President Nelson, asked us if we wanted to be split up and go into different districts in our zone. We´re probably going to end up doing that, so we´ll have teachers again and a set schedule. We´d also be able to help the other élderes in the other districts more. 

That´s so crazy that we´re getting a new stake presidency! I don´t remember any other stake presidency than the one there is now!  

 So actually I got to host today. They put papers in our mailbox asking if we would because we´ve been here for a long time and there were a lot of new missionaries coming in today and they needed help. I helped two sisters(which is easy, you and another elder drop them off at their residence hall and the sisters take it from there) and then two international elders who spoke spanish very fast, but I got to practice a little.  

 Did Jared Radmall come in today? I heard his farewell was 2 Sundays ago... That´s crazy that Eric Gubler is leaving already... well in September, but still! And only six months til Kevin can start his! ¡Es loco! 

 Yeah, I´m pretty sure that most of my German has left me... but yep I can still sign letters... Deine bruder!

Oh, so this crossed my mind. Are my plants outside? because they can be if they´re not. And if my bonsai is still living, tell Eric that he can keep it for me. 

 So I´ve decided if you want to learn about yourself and who you are, go on a mission! I think that I´ve learned more about myself here then at any other time in my life and it´s pretty cool! The devotional yesterday was all about that too! It´s just great here! 

 Oh, and Josh, I´m doing great! ¿Como estas? President Nelson thinks that we´re going to get our visas soon. Oh, and I met an Elder Rindlisbaucher (or however you spell it) but he´s from Washington state, so I don´t think that he´s related... (Mom's Note: Mrs. Rindlisbacher was Josh's Kindergarten teacher this past year.) 

Well, until next week, 
 Élder Gibson

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