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Monday, June 28

Yo voy a Mexico en la manana!!

Well hey there my family!
It's kind of weird to think that I'll be in Mexico tomorrow... afternoon? I think...? but yeah, some time tomorrow. It's been fun to see a mission that I'm not going to finish my mission in, I've learned a bunch!! My companions are awesome. We're in a quad right now... it's a little different but awesome! We split everyday so we can get more done.

Oh, could you thank the Stewarts for me? They paid for our Pizza Hut, then they left, and I didn't get a chance to thank them. 

I met the lady from the news at church yesterday (Channel 5?) [Dee-nee] Kirk. It was really weird... I thought to myself: "I know your face"... You're from the TV!! She says she goes to Ivins a bunch. Anyway my companions are probably going to eat at her house tomorrow for dinner... and I'll be eating some beans in Mexico... :) (the words in "quotes" are for Scott)

It's soooooo awesome here in Park City!! (and the weather is great here). Did you know that it's only about 15% LDS? I'm pretty sure that's the lowest in the state, although I could be wrong. I've found that the Hispanics are a lot nicer then other people... So that's a plus for leaving for Mexico. We've got a few baptisms scheduled for soon. I won't be here for them, but that's ok. We've found a bunch of new investigators who seem promising too.

Well, we've got to go I guess, so I'll be writing you next week. From Mexico!!

Con amor, 
Elder Gibson

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