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Wednesday, June 9

Hey there familia!
So it turns out that they´re not going to be splitting us up into different districts either, however they did give us more things to do to keep us busy. We can go to the temple two extra times during the week, and then they gave us some ideas of things to do to help us be more prepared in the field. Although we may(and only may) all be joining another district together, but we don´t know yet.

I´ve heard 5 out of 12 apostles now! Robert D Hales came last Tuesday. Their talks are always amazing! We had a fireside on Sunday where Crawford Gates(who wrote ´Our Savior´s Love´), Robert Cundrick, and Vanya Watkins. (they wrote things too, but I don´t remember what) It was awesome! Then we went to the Sunday night movies. We went and watched the Restoration (the one with Dustin, ja ja!)

That´s funny that Élder Ray had a dream about going to Guadalajara... I didn´t even know where in México it was! Ja ja!

So there´s an Élder Greco here who aparently knows Brian. He said I looked familiar then asked if Brian was my brother. So I guess we look alike, Bro. ;)

I heard another rumor about the consulate. They were getting a new computer system and all the old applicants (me) haven´t all been transferred over yet. So if we´re going to be here for a long time, we´re supposedly being sent to a Utah mission for a little while. But these were all out of state élderes, so I don´t know about me yet. What ever happens, you´ll know pretty soon... probably... if it happens soon... which it probably will. :)

Con amor,
Élder Gibson

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