Mexico Guadalajara East Mission

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Monday, August 23

¡Seis meses! ... ¡and not counting!

Querido Familia,

Well I´m one quarter through with my mission tomorrow... weird... It`s going so fast! I got a little cake and ice cream! ;) For my six months and my companion´s two years. (I don´t believe in burning clothing... ;) ) He goes home a week from today... he´s not very excited... but then at the same time, he is. Ha ha!

About my ankle. We play futbol with the youth in our ward every Friday, and invite them to invite friends that aren´t members (well, anyone, but we can teach non-members... ;) ) because this ward doesn´t have any activities ever really so we´re trying to get them excited and do the activities on their own. But back to my ankle, I just fell and hit my ankle on the concrete, and scraped it up a little. Then about 6 days later, we walked a ton and I think that it didn´t like that very much so it started to swell up. But it´s back to normal now, and doesn´t hurt at all. 

We had ward conference on the 15th, and we were in the choir. My companion described how our singing sounded as: a bunch of drowning squirrels. But when we sang in the meeting, it really wasn´t all that bad. We had the most attendance that I´ve seen in this ward there: 89. Then this week was the lowest: 39. We even had a bunch of inactives that hadn´t been there in forever! I don´t get it...

I don´t know if I already said this or not... Apparently we´re in the Bible-belt of México, so we´re still looking for lot´s of investigators! Keep praying for us!! We know they´re out there!!

Well, that´s all for this week I think.

Con muchismo amor,
Élder Gibson

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