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Monday, August 30

My trainer is now stateside . . .

Dearly Family,

Well, it sounds like you´re all keeping busy! That´s great! I am too! ;) So today, my father in the mission went home... Elder Ashton got transferred last Tuesday for his last week in the mission. That was a little unusual. I saw him throughout the week, and we had to go pick him and his companion up yesterday so that his companion would have a companion. But yeah, he´s gone now... come to think of it he´s probably already landed in San Diego... weird.

Apparently we´re getting six new elders from the MTC in Provo. On time! Ha ha! The missionaries in the office said this is the first group in five months to get here on schedule. So hopefully all is up and running with the visas to México.

Eric Gubler´s leaving and Brett Schiller´s getting his call soon? That was fast, I´ve only been gone for six months... ;) And Mark Gubler´s coming home?! Isn´t cousin Andrew coming home soon too!? Time flies...

Well, Elder Cruz and I are doing great! We´re still not finding a ton of people, but we´re working hard and finding a few. We went to go contact a reference, but they weren´t there, and the neighbor said, "No hay nadie. Fuieron a misa." (or for all those who speak English) "Nobody´s home. They went to mass." So we decided to talk to him instead. He was smoking and told us that he has (or had...) problems with alcohol too, and he wants to leave all of it behind. So we talked to him for a little while and then gave him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet, and invited him to an open house in the church that we were having. Out of all the invitations that we gave away, he was the only one who came from our area. It´s really hard to get anyone (including members) to come to anything, let alone a contact. He seems to really want to change, and is willing to do his part. That´s the biggest problem that we have, people who are willing to change. ... and I can´t remember his name right now, I feel a little bad... it´s not a common name... I guess I´ll tell you more about him next week. 

Our zone has interviews with President tomorrow. That should awesome! I love talking to President, he always has something constructive to say. Well that´s all I can think of for now... except that I´m going bald. But I don´t want to talk about that... I´ll just send a picture ;) The other is Elder Vasquez and Elder Ashton.

Con amor,
Élder Gibson

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