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Monday, September 6

Searching, ever searching . . .

Querido Familia,

Are Grandpa and Grandma almost finished already!? That was fast! Did it really take them four months to get there? It seemed shorter than that... probably because I wasn´t the one waiting until this year. I waited for four months too, but it seemed a lot longer... 

Scott, I was going to get your birthday card to you on time. Then you just had to go change you´re address! Ha ha! But yeah, if I could get the new address that would be great! :)

Don´t worry kids, I don´t like store bought bread either. I just buy tortillas instead. ;) And do you know how cheap produce is!? That pineapple I bought was less than $1.30 USD ($15 MXN) It´s wonderful. :)

Si, Élder Cruz is a native. He tries to speak English with me... I think he´s learned a lot. But we live with the Elderes of the ward next to us, and they´re both Americans. So it´s kind of like, English in the house, Español in the street. My fluency has improved a lot since he´s been my companion. And he talks really, really fast! So I don´t always understand him... it´s fun. :) I think I´ve learned more Spanish than he has English. He has one change in the mission more than I do.

You really didn´t notice any baldness? Hmmm... it must not be as bad as I thought (I hope). The lighting was a little weird in that picture, but my hair has lightened to a dark copper. 

I did have a birthday request besides peanut butter (that stuff is sooo expensive here!), but I forgot it... so I´ll have to let you know next week.

We´re finding and dropping investigators fast. But we´re finding slightly more than we´re dropping, so that´s good. We found these teenagers (18 & 19 I think...) Who say they´re "atheist". They have a lot of great questions (some were really deep/philosophy questions) that we have the answers to. They seem like they really want to believe, but they just have a lot of doubts that we need to help them resolve. We´ve decided to have lessons in the chapel as much as we can, because we hardly ever have investigators in Sacrament Meeting. So we´re trying to get them comfortable with the church while there´s not a lot of people there. We´ve had a lot of investigators agree to that. So we´re going to pick them up and go have awesome lessons!!

Well, That´s about all for this week. Keep the prayers coming. We always need new investigators!! 

Con muchisisisimo amor, 
Élder Gibson

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