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Monday, September 13

Guavas... ¡yum!

¡Hey there, Familia!
¿¡Aren´t Mexican keyboards just so awesome!? ¡Ha ha!
I´m glad to hear that Stake Conference was good. I wonder when ours is... We just had our Ward Conference, but I don´t really know what the schedule is. And it´s great that Kevin likes the "college" ward. I never got to go there.
¡Peaches! ¡I am so jealous!  We have them here but not as many... There´s a ton of guava treeseverywhere though. So the members give them to us all the time when they feed us. ¡They´re sooooo good!
We have a Wal-Mart here and we go about every week (excluding these past two weeks), but I´ve never looked for peanut butter there. I guess I should... They do have American brands there, but they´re kind of expensive because they´re all imported. I did buy Heinz Ketchup though. The ketchup or "catsup" that they have here is like a watered down nasty version... so I bought the real stuff... ;)
Oh, and though of some other things too:
      Christmas music would be wonderful.
      Church DVD´s that we can watch with investigators (The Restoration, The Testaments, Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration (if it´s dubbed in Spanish), movies like that. We can buy them when we go to the temple, but I don´t have any idea when that will be...)
      And that´s all that I can think of, anything else would be wonderful. :)
¡Brett´s going to Brian´s mission! ¡That´s awesome! It´s so unexpected when you hear that someone you know, is going to a mission that you know of. ¡Ha ha!
¡Michele, you are so lucky to have piano lessons! ¡Good luck, you lucky duck!
I was wondering if the bathroom was going to be finished before I got back... ¡I guess so! ¡Ha ha!  ¿Are you putting a cabinet in for the sink? or just one of those standing ones? or like the one I have here, that just hangs out of the wall... ;)
I wish we had high speed internet... I just get to sit in an internet shop on the side of the road with ancient computers... Ha ha, just kidding... kind of... ;)
So, this week I decided to get creative and make... ¡papusas! Everyone thought I was crazy until they tried them. Now they know that they´re really amazingly awesome! For breakfast, I´m eating cereal or oatmeal. Except one day, I made corn pancakish things... basically just sweet papusas without anything in them, and syrup... they were good too. I´m so glad I learned how to kind of cook so I don´t have to open a package to eat... that got old really fast... ;)
Well, we had kind of an effective week. We had some really good lessons with a member present, and we have a few good investigators. We´re just having a little bit of trouble finding really solid people who want the gospel. We´re not looking for "golden" people necessarily. Just chosen people. People who want to progress, and not people who just like learning about other religions. But if we´re diligent and do our part, then the Lord will do his part. Thank you for all your prayers!
Con amor,  Élder Gibson

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