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Monday, August 9

Necesitamos más personas para enseñar

Querido Familia,

That´s good to know that the TCT´s were on a menu, maybe Élder Ashton won´t think I´m as crazy. (He´s from San Diego by the way... I don´t know how I missed that one). 

I live on the street, Rio Tapajo. The street next to it is Rio Ebro. Rio Tapajo dead ends into the Tequila factory and I´m the third house from the factory on the side of the road that is closest to Rio Ebro. If I´m standing in my doorway looking into the street, the Tequilera is on the right. All the houses are connected though, so I don´t know if you´ll be able to tell. I´m in Barrio Revolución (Revolution Ward). It´s a pretty big area... I´m not sure, but I would guess about 15 mi. square... around there.

Estaban, you kids are just growing up so fast! The summer went by fast for me too. (except I was sweating in the sun everyday... ;) ) That´s awesome that you´re cooking awesome things now too! School starts this week for the kids in my ward too. Their vacations are over! Bah ha ha!! oh, just kidding... 

Apparently this is a dry year or something because I think that you all are getting more rain than we are... It´s just really humid here.

Teaching is so so, for me anyway... My companion just tells the people that we teach that I have a great testimony of what ever principle we´re teaching, and then looks at me. But sometimes I teach the principle and then he teaches whatever I forgot. ;) We do have language study everyday, and we tract a ton! Which brings me to this week...

Last Wednesday, we lost all of the investigators that we had. One went back into rehab, one we think got scared of the baptism date (or he´s having opposition from his dad), two turned out to be witches (that was weird to find out when the other elder told us) so we decided that it´s probably best to stay away, and the other just isn´t interested. 

So we´re trying to find good investigators that want to progress, and hopefully we found a family. Gabi is "catholic" but she says she doesn´t practice it. (no mass, confession... etc.) She says that what we teach her is interesting, but she hasn´t prayed about it yet. Her son likes us and there is a youth that was a classmate of his that we´re going to take him with us. 

Apparently I´m in the "Bible Belt" of México and everyone is very Catholic. So pray for us to find the people who are ready to accept the gospel!

Well I think that that´s all for this week, so... yeah. Pray for us!

Con amor,
Élder Gibson

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