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Monday, July 26

¡Hola! De: Élder Gibson

Querido Familia,

Every trial can make us better if we let it. It´s like rocks in a river. They get tossed and turned, always chipping off the rough and jagged parts. Until finally they´re smooth and beautiful. (people down here understand parables, so we use them when we teach.) Heavenly Father is aware of all of our trials and He never allows it to be more than we can handle.

That´s awesome that Marissa´s learning to cook and stuff already! 
That´s awesome for Warren[Anderson]! The field is so much different than the MTC. It´ll be good for him to get out and teach people. ...although he was only there for 3 weeks, wasn´t he... ok, maybe it was just really nice for me... ;)

So lately, I´ve been having a hard time being able to tell whether people are speaking English o Español... It just all kind of sounds the same now... So hopefully that´s a good thing. I can at least understand a little more than just the general idea of what people are saying. It´s just when they look right at me and say something, then I can´t understand them... ;)

We were going to baptise Esther´s mom yesterday, but it turns out that she might already be a member. A bunch of her family got baptized about 12 years ago and her nephew is pretty sure that Conchita got baptized then, but Conchita is almost 90 and she doesn´t remember... So we´re going to look it up today.

We´re having a hard time finding new investigators. There´s a ward mission plan for all of México right now. It´s where the ward gives 5 references from every organization. In our ward it´s only 3 from each, but we´re still having a little bit of a hard time getting the references. Hopefully that will be looking better soon... My companion was baptizing every week in his last area thanks to the plan, now we just have to get it up and running here! :D

Well that´s all for this week... I think... Yep. I´ll talk to you next week!!

Con amor, 
Élder Gibson

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