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Monday, July 12

To be baptised, or not to be baptised...?

Hey there my familia! Well this week we... walked, and walked... a lot. Ha ha! Apparently our area is one of the bigger ones, and we live in the bottom corner of it! Ha ha!! That´s ok, it gives us time to contact people. We don´t have a car or bikes either. Oh, and yes, we´re in Tlaquepaque. (Isn´t it just so fun to say?!)    Our English classes start this Friday at 5:30. Invite your friends!! Ha ha! Just kidding!! Everyone that we tell though seems excited though. We offered the same thing in Park City, but not as many people were as interested... go figure. We put a flyer up in the church and told all the members about it and told them to bring friends too.     My Spanish is coming along. The Relief Society President told my that if I don´t speak Spanish she won´t feed me (we´re eating at her house next week) Ha ha!!    Well, we planned to have a baptism yesterday after church... but it didn´t happen. We got to the chapel early to get ready and found about 5 inches of water in the font full of mosquito larvae... yum... and the pump to drain it wasn´t working. So when Ester (our investigator, ex Jehova´s Witness. She felt like she was being decieved... or that´s what I understood...) showed up we told her that there was a problem with the font, and that it would be better to do it tomorrow. So this morning we went over there at around 7:30 and emptied the font with buckets into the toilet. We mopped it all up then scrubbed it and turned on the faucet. We went home to get ready (we ran out of gas, so no hot water...) and we go back to the church and what do we find in the font? Larvae! So we called the other missionaries and told them to bring a strainer so we could get them all out. So we did, and about twenty minutes after it was supposed to start, she still wasn´t there. So we decided to go to her house to see why she wasn´t there, and we found out that she had to work... So she´s getting baptised later this week. The end!      So that was this week, or mostly this morning. We´re just mostly trying to revive this area.     Con amor,   --     √Člder Gibson 

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