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Monday, July 5

Mi primer semana en Guadalajara...

Elder Ashton & Elder Gibson

¡Well hey there familia! 

 Yeah we sat in the plane for a while... a scanner for the luggage wasn´t working or something like that, but all was well. They gave me the customs paper and didn´t tell me what to do with it... that was fun. Just kidding, I just filled it out right before I got in line, and there was a senior couple waiting for me after customs. 

 I was the only missionary on Tuesday, but four more came on Wednesday. I actually got a trainer all to myself. His name is Elder Ashton. He´s so awesome! He´s an American, so I probably won´t improve my Spanish as fast, but it´ll come. His sense of humor is a lot like mine. He was a zone leader for a year, then he got a call on... Monday? saying that he was going to a new area with a new missionary. So we both don´t know the area, and we weren´t left many investigators to work with. We´re in Guadalajara (right outside of it actually), and it reminds me a lot of Newport Beach... just dirtier... ;)  

 Well in our ward there´s a first counselor in the Bishopric. (that´s all...) and apparently this area has a pretty long history of lazy elders which is too bad. They seem to really like us though. We´re asking them to come out and teach with us and they´re pretty willing to. We´re beginning free English classes at the church, for anyone who wants to come and everyone seems way excited for that. For an hour after the English, we´re going to play futbol for some of the youngerlings. That should be interesting... (¡yo voy a morir!) 

 I love it here!! It rains about everyday, and that´s good because it washes the smell of tequila away (we live in an apartment with two other missionaries, right next to a tequila factory... it´s awesome...). There´s a lot of sunshine too. Apparently this is one of the nicest areas, and everyone is really nice too. Members feed us everyday for lunch, and we cook for ourselves for the other meals. 

 Tell the Myers thank you for me! That´s very nice of them to keep me in their prayers. It´s very much appreciated! Yeah, I could see Michah studying in England... ;)

Here are some pictures of my house/comp/money. Enjoy!
(ok there´s only going to be three... it´s taking a long time to load)(I´m in a little computer shop off the side of the street...) 
 Con Amor! 
Élder Gibson

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