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Monday, January 24

Toothaches and a comparatively uneventful week

Querida Familia,
Oh my goodness!! Michele!! You look so beautiful in your pictures!! I´m glad you had fun time and a good date. :)
Yes, Kevin and Michele!! Patriarchal Blessings are the best!! But seriously, read them a lot and often!!
Ok, so today I went in to Guadalajara, because I had a tooth (#20) that was bothering me on and off during the week. So Hermana Jesperson had me go in to a specific dentist in Guadalajara. (I guess she doesn´t have much confidence in the dentists in their little shops here in Uruapan ;) )  He spoke almost perfect english, his vocabulary was just really formal, which is fine, but you could just tell it wasn´t his first language... like me with Spanish ;) I think he was of Jewish decent too. All it turned out to be was part of a filling pushing on a tooth and that was moving it. So he just ground it down and that was it.  So we had a total of 9ish hours in a bus today traveling... fun, huh!? ;) I got a lot of mail in the offices, so it was worth it. ;)
This zone is a lot bigger than my first one, but that`s only because there are a couple of areas that are like two hours away. All the rest are touching. Actually I think that areawise, this area is smaller than Revolución. There are four missionaries total in my district. I´ve been here for three weeks and every week I´ve been put in a different district... we must be the problem companionship... ;) Just kidding we´re good, there`s just adjusting going on still. There aren´t any sister missionaries in the zone of Uruapan, but I think there are in the zone next door in Zamora.
What dates are the letters that you haven´t recieved? I´ve written every week, I promise! Just send the dates and I´ll send the letters. ( to dad´s email address to make sure that you get them )
That´s all for this week, I love this area, I love the members, and I love the mission!!!!!
con amor,
Élder Gibson
P.S. Here´s some pictures of the area and the locals ;)

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