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Monday, January 3

Out with the old . . . In with the new!

Querida Familia,

It´s good to hear that everything went well over the Christmas break! Things went well for me here too.

That´s right, I´m no longer in the Revolución Ward. I´m in the Constituyentes 2  Ward   ;) now... I think that´s the name... I don´t remember. It`s something like that. ;)  I got a call last night at about 10:00, saying that I had changes, (Yes, Scott, I know that they`re called "transfers" ;) ) and I found out that I really don´t like packing after six months of being in an area... ;)  This is actually an area of my old zone leader. He gave me some notes for a family that he baptized. About half of the zone of Tlaquepaque was "transferred" ...weird word... so we were all in the bus station in the morning, but I was the only one going to the zone I´m in now. So I traveled solo. That was weird. Ha ha!

I was waiting for a bus, listening to a speaker that I couldn´t understand, to go on a 4-hour bus ride to my second area... and I´ve never been on a bus like that. It was fun though. Then I got there and no one was there... so I just waited, not knowing for sure if I was in the right place or not, because there weren´t any signs or anything in the bus station telling me where I was. So I just waited some more. ;)  Then another elder showed up and I could see him from across the station (he was a young American in a suit with lots of luggage, so I figured he was an elder) So I walked over to him and we talked while we waited for our companions to show up.

My new companion is Elder Lopez, also from Veracruz. He`s also from the generation of Elder Cruz too. This area is still a city, but it`s smaller of a city. We drove through lots of fields and there were lots of trees and other plants... but they were all dead because it´s the dry season. I think that I´m going to like it here. :) Apparently the ward is really awesome, Oh! and we have a bishop here! They don´t have a chapel, but they do have a... what are they called in English... Prayer House, House of Prayer,? (casa de oración).  Anyway, they have one of those. The house that the elders have here is a lot bigger than my last house. And four elders live in this house. I don´t know if the other ones are Mexican or American, but I´m kind of hoping for Mexican so that there`ll be more Spanish in the house, so I can learn more, faster.

I forgot my camera and my USB because they´re packed away somewhere... so there´s no photos this week... sorry...

I think that that`s all for this week... I don´t like it when something big happens right before Monday, because then I can´t remember things that happened earlier in the week. 
I´ll probably remember more stuff after I send this... Oh well... ;)

con amor,
Élder Gibson

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