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Monday, January 10

Constituyentes, Uruapan, Michuacan, Mexico

Querida familia,

I love this area soooooooo much!!!!  So many people listen to us it´s nuts!! Well, it´s not like everyone listens to us, but a lot more than in Guadalajara. I love it!! Oh, in this house, it´s only my companion and I. It´s about double the size of my last house for half the people. The rent is a little less too. ;)  Yesterday we had about double the amount of people in sacrament meeting as in the other ward, and the bishop (there´s a Bishop!!) made me speak. ;)  Oh, and I´m in the city of Uruapan. Élder Petersen from the MTC is in my zone here.  We have two baptisms scheduled for this next Sunday: Agripina and her son, Carlos.

We had the open house in a plaza here on Saturday. We set up tents and put the Cristus and all the posters inside. We had almost 300 new investigators go through. We´ll probably get the referrals (I´m doing this for you, Scott. I hope you´re happy... ;) ) sometime this week.
I´m pretty sure that my Christmas package is in the offices... but I now live 3 hours away, instead of 30 minutes. So I will get it, someday... I just have to wait until my zone leaders go to Guadalajara.
Woooooooo hooooooooo, Michele!!!!!!!!  Have lots and lots of fun!! Send me a picture of you in your dress!!  Normally people answer in a way that´s related to how the other person asked. How did he ask her? You could relate it some how to the brownies. :)
Amanda´s married!? ... ... ... weird... ;)  Were some of the cookies Peanut butter cookies with reeses cups on top? ;)

I wrote Élder Ray about two weeks after you sent the address. So... about 3 or 4 months ago... Élder Ashton had a friend in Brasil, and he said that it took a really, really long time...   I sent Michele´s birthday card with Brian´s birthday card in the red envolope that had the family Christmas card in it... if you got it... but I did send one! :)  I was just thinking about Dallin´s birthday the other day... I´ll get his card in the mail. It´s going to be a little late...

con amor,
Élder Gibson

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