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Monday, October 4


Querido Familia Mio, 
 I´ve never had a General Conference go by so fast! We all went to the Stake center to watch Conference. There were soooo many awesome talks! I think one of my favorites would have to be Élder Uchtdorf´s talk in the first session about the basics and focusing on what´s important. The Priesthood session was good too! ¡Awesomeness! 

We (the English Elders) got to watch all but the Sunday morning in English. So I guess I´ll just have to wait to read that session to see if it was good. The biggest turn out was during the Sunday morning session. The chapel and all of the cultural hall and the stage were full. Saturday was a little more sparse though. I think that Conference made me "autumn-sick." I realized that here, the leaves don´t turn yellow and fall off of the trees... oh well.

Awesome Dallin! Don´t let your salamanders die! :D Brian´s moving to Oregon? That´s a ways away. Not as far as New York, I guess. 

My companion´s family is fine. Apparently his town is blocked by mountains from the coast so his family and house are fine. Everyone asks him about that when he says that he´s from Veracruz.

I guess that´s really all that happened this week. Conference! Keep those prayers for more investigators comin´!!

Con amor, 
Élder Gibson

PS I´m still working on the picture thing... :/

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