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Monday, October 25

Feliz cumpleaños a... ¡mi!

Dearest Familia,

So remember the baptism that we had? Well we had a hard time tracking him down after that. There were two weeks in between his baptism and when he could be confirmed because of General Conference. But he works all day and then he moved out of the ward boundaries so it was a hit and miss trying to find him. But we finally did, and reminded him that he needed to receive the Holy Ghost for his baptism to be complete. We got his address and passed it to the other elders, but it doesn´t look like they´ve found him yet. He hasn´t made it to the chapel since then, but we have a cita with him in the chapel on Tuesday, and made sure he knew what day and time. So hopefully that will go well and he´ll understand the importance of being confirmed...

We did get a few references... no, in English they´re called... referrals! One was a 16 year old girl that our Zone leaders contacted and she asked if she could have a Book of Mormon. Another one is from a part member family actually there´s two from that family. (extended family) And last, we were walking from contacting a referral that didn´t turn out to be that cool... but as we walked past the pizza place this guy ran out and said, "Hey I´ve heard a little bit about Joseph Smith, and it sounds interesting. Do you have a Book of Mormon I could have?" My companion and I both passed out right then and there. So we don´t really know what happened after that... Just kidding!  We told him that we didn´t have one on us, but we´d love to come by on Wednesday and give him one and talk about it a little. I like it a lot better when people contact us... They always seem to be more interested that way... ;)

Our mission is the pilot mission for a mobile open house for the church. We have a missionary couple that are in charge of it and go from Zone to Zone with it. We were going to have our first one this Saturday, but a bunch of the stuff got stolen. (oh by the way: it includes big pictures, big flat screens, touch screens and a life size Cristus picture. It´s like a mini-traveling visitor´s center) I´m not sure about what exactly was stolen, but it´s going to effect Saturday a little. So that wasn´t all that great of news for us... We´re still going to have an open house, but it just won´t be as high-tech.

Well apart from that, I´m no longer a teenager... weird. I´ve been that way for seven years now. And now it´s gone, never to return. That´s ok with me. To celebrate, I cut my hair. Awesome, huh? Ha ha! and later, we bought pizza from Pizza Hut (pepperoni and pineapple for me!) and Élder Shelley bought some... ¡ROOTBEER! (and it even had an American flag on it... It also said "Cerveza de Raíz", but it was rootbeer!) I realized that rootbeer is a wonderful thing. ;)  Then my District Leader Élder Rossiter placed a lumpy gift on the table with wrapping paper of the virgin on it... and a ribbon that said, "mis 15 años" but then I opened it, and it was a blender! Now we´ve been talking about getting a blender for a little while now, and I was the most excited about it because I cook (prepare food) the most. He found this one used and cheap this morning in a tianguis somewhere. It´s got an on and off switch and that´s it, but that´s all I really need it to do. I turned it on, and about had a heart attack. It sounded like a table saw... I guess I´m just used to different levels of speed... Then he told me that I owed him $65 MXN...

It´s probably getting kind of chilly in St. George now, isn´t it? Here it´s about 85°F with about 20% humidity. How´s it compare? ;)   Josh has a card coming, a list of everyone´s birthdays would be wonderful, I think I´ve got everyone´s right, but just to be sure... and I´ve killed 18,594 mosquitos so far (how does that compare to Andrew´s bug count?). Just kidding, but that guess is probably fairly accurate... ;) That´s all for this week!! I love you all!!

Con amor,
Élder Gibson

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