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Monday, October 18

...Subjeto? ...Subject...Subjeto. Sí, es mejor.

 Dearly Fami,

 Well, It´s good to know that our Abuelita is with our Abuelito now. I don´t see how people can live without knowing the Plan of Salvation. That would make it so incredibly harder.

 Zone Conferences are amazing things, you know. Just chuck-full of awesomeness. We`re having Zone Conferences this month, and we had ours last Thursday. We had got a ton of awesome advice on how to improve our numbers and the quality of our lessons. Élder Cruz and I got picked to do a role play on "How to Begin Teaching". So every thing was going great, my Spanish was good, we were asking great questions, and when time was up and we were being evaluated everyone was saying positive things. Then President said from the back, "¡No oraron!" (You didn´t pray!) So that was a good thing to learn: Don´t forget the basic things... although I was hoping to learn something other than something so basic... oh well. It was awesome.

 Well, I was going to send some pictures... but, I've still got a virus on my SD card. Sorry. I´m not really sure what I can do to fix it... ¿Ideas? The people in the mission office couldn´t fix it.

 I found this giant citrus fruit in the street one day as we walked out our door. I wish I could send a picture! It´s green and about twice the size of a grapefruit, maybe a little bigger... I think it´s called Lima. (which turns out, isn´t lime...) My companion said it`s sour and people just make agua out of it.

 Our 1st counselor scared me yesterday. My companion was going to give a talk, and after the sacrament, he announced that we´d be hearing from Élder Gibson, and I just pointed at my companion, but the 1st counselor shook his head and said "he´s going to share his testimony." And then I wasn´t scared anymore. But for a second there... ;) Then all the members complemented my Spanish. I did this the first week I was here too. They said I´ve improved a lot. Which was good to hear.

 Well, that´s all I have time for this week. Talk to you next week!!

 Con amor,

 Élder Gibson

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