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Wednesday, February 24

Dear Family,
Well, today went by fast and slow . . . if that makes any sense. It's awesome here! We did so much today, but I'm sure tomorrow will be even more packed.The food is great! Today I had roast beef, potatoes and Gravy, a roll, cooked carrots, Sprite, chocolate milk, and glugged it all down with strawberry ice cream! (I guess ice cream was changed to only Sundays and Wednesdays . . . since Scott was here).My companion is Elder Molsee. He's from Kimberly, ID. (Mom, I'm sure you know where that is . . . southwest of Pocatello . ..), anyway, he's the third of four kids, he being the only boy. He's not going to my mission; he's going to Culiacan, Mexico. Everyone in my district is going to Mexico except for two. They're going to Peru, and are only spending half of the time here in Provo. Oh, and there's eight of us in the district, soon to be six . . . Anyway, they're all great!My roommates, apart from my companion, are Elders Beecher (from Hurricane) and Ames (from Washington state; he says he has family in Pocatello, but their last names are Castillo.) Elder Beecher is going to Culiacan with Elder Molsee.Well, that's pretty much who is in my district, and that's all I really know for now, so talk to you next week! 
Elder Jeff Gibson

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